Standard Show Cage:


1              Only the new design of show cage will be accepted on the show bench.      

                However, the old design (Lizard type) will be acceptable for the sales    


2              Colours to be:

                Exterior and cage front:- Black Gloss  .

                Interior:- Dulux Summer Blue Gloss (Dulux Colour dimension mixer

                                system Ref: 1619-B 16-G. Undercoat to be Dulux Silver Grey.

3              Cage fronts to be secured by the extension of the fourth wire from each

                end. (see cage drawing)

4              Floor covering should be a mixed seed, i.e. that which is usually fed in

                the bird room OR official CCBA show cage paper.


5              A small black "D" shape drinker or a CCBA approved Black & Clear Tubular drink is to be used and placed between the 3rd & 4th Bar.


6              The cage label to be placed on the left front panel.


Exhibition birds are only permitted to carry a maximum of one split or closed ring per leg. (this rule has been implemented as it is felt that two rings on one leg can be a hazard to the Health and Safety of the bird). Disqualification will apply.


A bird with either a claw or toe missing will be  disqualified.


A bird with one eye, or a bird that is obviously blind will be disqualified.


Novice Rule:

A Novice member of the CCBA is an Exhibitor with 5 or less consecutive or broken years membership of the CCBA, not being of Champion status with any other canary society, and who has not exhibited in Champion classes at any open show. Members of one family residing in the same house shall show under the higher status, where another member of the family is of Champion status.


Junior Rule:

A Junior shall be 8-16 years and shall be allowed to exhibit any kind of Colour Canary wheter any other members of the household exhibits that kind of canary or not. On attaining 16 years, they can show as a Novice the following season. In the event of no juvenile classes they can show in Novice classes without affecting there status.


NB: Judges have the right to refuse to adjudicated on birds that he/she had bred and sold in the same season




The C.C.B.A. would like to thank the C.C.B.A. Staffs & Nortwest Zone for their permission to use this image that appears on http://www.colouredcanary.co.uk/