Colour Canaries - Melanin Section
The Melanin section includes all birds which show a full pattern of melanins in whatever form, irrespective of their ground (lipochrome) colour and will have a dark or pigmented underflue. The melanin forms are divided into :

Eumelanin varying from black to brown and is always situated down the middle of the feather.

Phaeomelanin varying from dark brown to pale beige and is always situated around the edge of the feather.


Both these melanins can be present together or separately in the normal or diluted form. The melanin section is sub-divided into Classics and Non-Classics (Mutations).

The Classics are: Black series, Brown series, Agate series, Isabel series.
The Non Classics (Mutations) are: Pastel series, Opal series, Phaeo series, Satinette series, Topaz series, Eumo series,

Onyx series.


All the Melanin canaries are combined with one or the other of the ground colours, and all the Mutations are combined with one or the other of the Classics, and are named accordingly. It is advisable that the Non-Classics should not be crossed, as the C.C.B.A. show standards do not cater for them, i.e. Opal crossed with Ino, Pastel crossed with Ino, Onyx crossed with Pastel etc.