The CCBA would like to emphasise to all our members please be aware that certain individuals maybe casting aspersions that when the CCBA adopts the newer written OMJ standards that ticked & variegated examples may not be exhibited. This is such a long way from being factual, with the CCBA being progressive has once again adapted to change to encourage all breeders to strive to achieve an improving standard whereby all ticked & variegated examples will still be included in the CCBA schedule.



At the OMJ Congress held in September a decision was made that from the 2017 Show Season all intensive and non intensive opals would join, mosaic, feathered birds and intensive and non intensive Greywings and Jaspes by not being allowed to be colour fed  in the nest. This will not apply to UK shows next year, but hopefully will apply in 2018 when the full OMJ standards have been translated and adopted by the CCBA.

Black Opals will also need to have dark blue grey striations, not the grey black currently sought. This is to allow a positive distinction between Black Opals and Black Mognos.

Judges have also been instructed to ignore up to two artificially coloured feathers in the flight and tail feathers in Mosaic Melanin examples, thereafter normal penalisation will apply. In the event of there being two birds who in all other areas are the same, the bird with no coloured feathers will be made champion.