CCBA Group Compensation Scheme

The CCBA runs its own Compensation scheme this is for fully paid up members only.

The Compensation Scheme renews with effect from 1st January each year.

This is in the spirit of supporting those who suffer loss and encouraging them to continue with the hobby, recognizing that it

cannot replace stock that may have been developed over many years.

The current benefits and associated conditions are as follows.


The compensation scheme covers loss to any one member’s collection as a direct result of theft from a member’s Aviaries or

bird houses from one single incident at one moment in time.

The Compensation scheme covers Coloured Canaries only, Compensation will be paid out at £25.00 per bird, a crime incident number

must be supplied to the General Secretary of the CCBA this you will acquire from the Police when the theft is reported.


No cover is provided for any loss arising from

                (1)     Mysterious disappearance or escape.

                (2)     Voluntary parting with possession or title to the birds as a result of the Assured

                           (or Other persons to whom the birds have been entrusted) being induced by a fraudulent            

                          Scheme, trickery or other false pretences

                (3)      Consequential loss

                (4)      Not securing your bird room securely

                (5)     Loss due to sickness or disease.

                         NB. Members must advise the Secretary if they have suffered a loss in the

                         previous 12 months. (See item 3 below)



  1. Cover will commence from the date that the member’s subscription to the CCBA for that year is received by the Secretary (cover is for the calendar year, advance subscriptions are acceptable but cover will not in any event commence until the 1st January.)

  2. Cover of any one collection is £500, regardless of the true value of the collection. The cover for this is included in the CCBA subscription rates set for that year.

  3. A ‘collection’ must consist of 10 or more birds, being ‘Colour Canaries only.

  4. Compensation will be paid out at £25.00 per bird depending on cover selected

  5. It is a condition of the scheme run by the CCBA that the Members secure their Aviary(ies) /Bird room(s) with adequate padlock/s, Mortice Lock/s and put in place prudent security measures as to protect their birds from theft.

  6. The Member must immediately report any theft or disappearance to the CCBA (via the Secretary) and to the Local Police, who will issue a crime incident number, and follow strictly any of their recommendations.

  7. It may be necessary for a committee member of the CCBA to visit you at your bird room for reporting purposes we also engage personnel from the Bird Theft Register to liase with the member to get as much information as possible about the theft of the birds

  8. No liability arises for loss of birds by theft or unlawful removal until 90 days after the incident is reported to the Company, and then only if the stock has not been recovered in that period no payments will be made until the 90 days have elapsed

  9. It is a condition of cover that the member has not been convicted of arson, fraud, deception, robbery, forgery, theft, handling of stolen property or any crime under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 or as amended.

  10. A member of the CCBA Committee or our representative of the Bird Theft Register who retain

    For investigating thefts from aviaries/bird rooms will discuss its findings with the CCBA Committee.

    New Members can not make a claim through the compensation for any claim of thefy within the first three months of joining.

    You are only covered by the Compensation Scheme when you have paid your membership for that year.