CCBA Breeders List

Gary Lewis

White Black Opals, Clear Yellows
Yellow Ivory, Rec Whites,Yellow Phaeos,

Yellow Black Cobalt's. Yellow Lutinos

C Addis 1958  07762645308  clifford.addis@btinternet.com White Brown Opals, White Black Opals
Yellow Agate Opals, Yellow Agates
White & Yellow Eumos
 Yellow Brown
Bright & Luff 2119 0780-2489586 paulbright64@aol.com Mosaic red agate
Mosaic Red Agate opal
Mosaic red agate topaz
Mosaic red agate Pastel
Mosaic red Agate Jaspe.

 Ron Hill
3711 07901383754 ronaldbhill1234@gmail.com Red Lipochromes @ Red Ivory's
David Ramsey 5012 07891-704638 ramsey1509@btinternet.com Red Blacks
 Red Black Ivorys
Red Black cobalts
 Red Black Ivory Cobalts
 Red Browns
 Red brown Phaeos
 Rec White Brown Opals
 Reds, Red Ivorys, And Satinetts ( White & Yellow)
Janet Radford 2555 01736 755259 jradford526@btinternet.com Red Lipochrome@ red Ivory
    (Variegated & Clears)
George McVay 4119 07979-350141 george.mcvay@yahoo.com Recessive Whites
Yellow Agate Topaz
 Yellow Mosaic Agate Topaz
 Yellow Agates
Red Masaic Agate Topaz
 Red Mosaic Agates.( carrying topaz )
Steve Kearns Perranporth 5423 07812-372166 steve.leskearns@btinternet.com Red clears ,red ivory clears
red black cobalts & mosaic red black cobalts
Robert Mitchell 5209 0035-3870-530017 rmitchell@reynoldslogistics.com Red Lippochromes
Ash foster 5086 07799-027696 ashfoster29@gmail.com Red Lippochromes
Richard Rodger 5157 07702-989441 richardrodger@hotmail.com Red Black, Red Black Opal, Red Black Cobalt, Clear Reds.
Bob Wolverson 3294 07811 235 471  bobwolverson@gmail.com Yellow Brown Phaeos, White Brown Phaeos and Carriers to all Co;ours
Robert Braddock  5177 07467 - 598968 r_braddock@yahoo.com

 For 2018 breeding
Clear yellow mosaics,
Clear Red Mosaics  
Classic Red Blacks
Mosaic yellow black

Mosaic Red Agates.