Saturday 13th July 2019

The committee have now confirmed that the dates of the 2020 All Colour Show will be 28th and 29th November 2020 .

Thursday, November 15, 2018 4:27:37 PM

The CCBA are sad to announce that Geoff Walker has decided to stand down from the CCBA judges panel.

 Geoff is the longest serving judge on the panel, his knowledge on colour canary’s is second to non so to loose his experience from our panel is disappointing.

As Geoff is a OMJ judge he will still be eligible to be engaged for any CCBA show if a show secretary wishes, We at the CCBA can only thank Geoff for everything he has contributed over many years.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 9:00:36 PM



Members will be aware that there have been a number of reported cases of Canary Pox appearing in studs this year.

It will also be known that our friends in Europe, generally but not totally vaccinate their birds against this virus each year. They use a freeze dried product that is mixed with a liquid which enlivens the virus concerned in order to carry out the procedure.

It seems improbable that there will not be people offering to supply vaccine to members in this country. Members should be aware of the following facts before making a decision on whether to purchase any :

As we are talking about a live virus it is illegal for anyone other than a vet to import the product. These vets have to administer the vaccine themselves. A vet with whom the secretary has a good relationship informs him that anyone caught in possession of a phial of vaccine faces heavy fines and in some cases imprisonment.

In order to remain viable the vaccine has to be kept in a chilled format. A wholesaler of animal drugs in Europe informs me that you can just about get away with keeping the product cool rather than chilled for a 24 hour period.

The same source tells me that there are only 2 suppliers of vaccine, which is supplied in phials containing sufficient product to dose 450 birds. The Dutch supplier charges 30euros, the Belgian supplier, whose product is not licenced , but nevertheless seems to be the main supplier, charges 75 euros. He supplies all European countries—legally. He will not distribute to GB.

The vet who the secretary knows also informs us that there are people in Europe supplying a product which they are calling a vaccine which is in fact a vitamin A solution.

The advice of the committee is to be very prudent.


Thursday, March 15, 2018 7:42:58 AM

Unfortunately due to changes in the law it is not possible for people using tablets and phones to access our web shop. They can however phone the CCBA secretary Gary Lewis 01242 706205 with orders and now pay using a credit card with our new Credit Card reader.  

Wednesday, March 7, 2018 6:59:49 AM

Reports are reaching us of several studs being badly infected with Northern Mite, and chicks being lost as a result. Breeders are therefore recommended to inspect stock on a regular basis for signs of infestation. The best places to check are on the rump and on the underside of the flight feathers.

If nests with chicks are found to have the problem, whilst the adults can be given a dose of Frontline, un feathered chicks need rolling in an anti mite powder, spot on or spray treatments are not recommended.

We are also aware that one member’s stud has been found to be infected with  Canary Pox. He is suffering heavy mortality in birds he bred himself, but no losses from birds he imported . This is in all probability because of the almost universal use of a vaccine against pox being administered after the breeding season of all stock throughout Europe..

There are a number of areas that could be the cause of the infection appearing, Northern Mite are known to carry the disease, as are rats and mice and wild birds .Should you be housing birds with access to an outdoor aviary take extra care. It should be noted that whilst the virus is called Canary Pox it affects all types of native birds both hardbills and softbills, up to and including birds such as magpies.

Early signs of the presence of the disease is birds sitting with part or totally closed eyes, followed by scales appearing around the beak and on the horny areas.

Geoff Walker

Cardboard show cage - new for 2018.

In keeping with the CCBA’s tradition of being a progressive association based around offering our members, exhibitors and birds the best choices and conditions we can, we are delighted to announce as of this coming show season we will accept this cardboard show cage at our shows.  This cage is approved for use at the All Colour Show and our National event at Stafford, CCBA zones will have the option to accept or reject this cage as they wish, so exhibitors need to check with their zone secretary before entering birds.

A few bullet points.

  • ·         Exhibitors are responsible for purchasing, erecting, dismantling and removing of the cage after each show, the CCBA’s only involvement is to allow them at our shows and there will be a build area at the ACS.
  • ·         CCBA zones have the right to accept or reject this option of cage – check with your zone before entering birds.
  • ·         Floor coverings are to be the same, show cage paper or mixed seed. Show cage paper will be available from the same supplier as the cage.
  • ·         Perches are to be spaced as per the picture below, 7 bars from either side, tubular drinker to be 5 bars from the right.
  • ·         This cage can be easily wiped so it could be used more than once, however Show secretaries have the right to refuse entry upon booking in if the cage is deemed past its best and not fit for purpose, the integrity of the appearance of the show must not be compromised by cages that are too worn.
  • ·         There is no option for a D-cup drinker on this cage.
  • ·         The cage dimensions are 300mm wide x 260mm high x 175mm deep, the label / tag on the top then adds an extra 55mm making the overall height of the cage 315mm.


 The CCBA want to reinforce that these cages are an option for exhibitors, we have no plans whatsoever to phase out the current wooden show cage, the current wooden show cage is here to stay and there will be no pressure from us for exhibitors to move over to a cardboard cage.


Cages are available from Supapets. www.supapets –online.co.uk   01332 831300

Statement from the General Secretary on behalf of

Canary Colour Breeders Association




A statement has been posted onto a social media website alleging that the minutes of the Committee meeting on 9 July 2017 have been tampered with to suit what is required by another Committee member.  This statement is totally untrue.


It is appalling that someone would post such a malicious, damaging statement on a social media website, without first checking the true facts. 


A draft of the minutes is always sent to Committee members to look over and request any amendments.  The minutes are amended for approval ready for the next Committee meeting. 


The minutes that Simon and the rest of the Committee have received are the draft minutes that were sent out to them for their consideration.


Only two Committee members came back with any amendments.


The President of the CCBA, Mr G.B.R. Walker, requested a copy of the minutes which were duly sent to him.  The President wanted to verify whether the minutes had stated that the Committee had voted to ask Retford Poultry to pay £25.00 for the use of a table at the All Colour Show this year.


The amended minutes stated the above fee would be paid for the use of a table. 


These are the true facts, and at no time has the President or any members of the Committee doctored or tampered with any Committee meeting minutes.



If anyone requires further clarity on this matter, please contact Gary Lewis, Secretary of the CCBA.  Please refer to the Colour Breeder for contact details, or e-mail to CCBA.2@virginmedia.com



Chairman of Judges.

I am pleased to inform all members that “Rob Braddock” has taken on the important role of COJ, hopefully the judges who have attended recent conventions will have seen a marked improvement on bringing the level of information to a more formative platform & I believe Rob has the attributes to continue & surpass with support from us all.

I would urge everyone to contribute as to what they require as it is sometimes a job where content has to be founded by COJ.

Rob will also flourish & develop more after passing his judging test to give him wider and broader learning within the role which in turn will benefit all.

I wish him every success




I often bemoan the fact that there are few breeders prepared to experiment with various differences from the normal pairings in their birdrooms’.

By accident this breeding season I made a pairing that has produced some unexpected results. At first I put the results down to fluke, but a subsequent discussion with a friend who had mirrored the pairing for different reasons, I found resulted in him having the same experience as I had. I then thought back a few years when the ‘new type’ brown appeared , and Italian breeders seemed to be pairing intensive to intensive birds, with a non intensive example never being seen.

The pairings we made were mosaic feathered bird to intensive bird. Logic, folklore et al says this will give us over frosted non intensives with probably intensives showing frosting. With both my friend and I breeding good quality mosaic feathered birds and similarly good quality intensive birds, have we accidentally  stumbled across something that could change the way we look at and pair our birds in the future?

With just two pairings to look at no predictions can be made, but if a group , as large as possible, will be prepared to pair together just one mosaic feathered bird with an intensive next breeding season and then submit their results to a central point for analysis perhaps---just perhaps you/we/I can contribute something of worth to our fellow breeders both now and in the future. I am excited by the possibilities.

For absolute clarification whilst it is not important whether the birds are of the same ground colour and the same classic or mutation. Whether they are lipochrome or any of the melanin varieties, as long as one has the intensive feather and the other a mosaic feather, then we are in business.

By pairing together like with like, e.g.  intensive red  lipochrome  to mosaic red lipochrome or intensive red agate opal to mosaic red agate opal, I believe you will breed birds that are as good as their parents. But if I am wrong then the worst possible scenario is that you will have  few birds suitable only for fostering or the pet shop.

Please come and join the experiment. You can either tell me of your plans in advance or send the reults after next years breeding season. Remember we could be in at the start of something important.


Geoff Walker

Autumn 2017 Colour Breeder.

Our Autumn colour breeder has now been dispatched, if you have not received it by 22/09/2017 then please contact Gary Lewis.

To all Members

South West Zone (SWZ)

After a lot of hard work i am pleased to announce that the South West Zone (SWZ) has been resurrected

Zone Secretary - Steve Kearns    Mobile: 07812 372 166

Zone Chairman - Richard Collyer

Zone Treasurer - Janet Radford

Our first show will be held on the 29th October 2017 more information to follow on the venue.

Wallace Dean.

The Association is sad to report the death of long standing CCBA member Wallace Dean. His funeral will take place at Lichfield Crematorium on Friday 7th July at 12.30. The family have asked for advance information on likely attendee numbers , so if you wish to pay your last respects please advise Mike Vokes on 01536722590. An obituary will be placed in the Autumn Edition of Colour Breeder.

Coloured Canaries; A Newcomers Guide.
This popular booklet for new starters with Coloured Canaries has now been reprinted, having been updated and enlarged and is available from the CCBA secretary Gary Lewis , either by mail or through the Club Web Shop. Priced at only £7.50 post paid,it covers basic information on all aspects of keeping and breeding Coloured Canaries including descriptions of all recognised mutations.It includes 16 photographs of some of the colours available, many of these have been changed from previous issues.

Our spring colour breeder should now of been delivered to fully paid up CCBA 2017 members. If you have not received yours and you believe you should have then please contact Gary Lewis.

Roberto Scurati.
The CCBA are delighted that Roberto Scurati has confirmed his attendance at the All Color Show 2017. Roberto will again be offering our members the choice on a wide range of Coloured Canaries of all colours and most mutations.



Members , the next ordering date for coded rings is planned to be March 31st, we are however contacting our supplier to add in some additional dates so please send in your orders asap so you get your rings as early as possible.




These rings are readily available now via our web shop, our ring steward will also be at Stafford bird sale on Sunday March 5th selling these rings.

Free Patronage & Judges expenses for CBS shows..!

CAGE BIRD SOCIETIES are to benefit from a new scheme, which aims to increase coloured canary entries at shows while giving trainee judges experience. The CCBA are offering free patronage and 50% of judge’s expenses to any CBS that books a CCBA trainee judge, the judge needs to live within a 60mile radius from the CBS show. The deal includes free 2 rosette patronage for up to a potential 50 birds and 4 rosette patronages for a potential 51-100 birds.Our President Geoff Walker has said “ It’s the CCBA’s job to ensure that all of our judges are well-trained, monitored and constantly educated on Changes to standards, recognising and evaluating new mutations, etc.,”“Most of this work can be done in house, but there is no substitute for the experience of placing awards at live events.  Unfortunately, some CBS secretaries look at the numbers of birds benched historically and use this to base their judgement when inviting judges to officiate. Too often, coloured canaries are placed by judges of other varieties. “By     providing     this scheme, the CCBA will gain from the experience offered to our trainees and we hope, certainly over a few years, that the CBS events will increase   their   entries   by attracting   exhibitors.

Interested CBS secretaries should contact show patronage secretary Dave Cramp 01509 558 873

Ticked & Variegated Lipochromes.

The CCBA would like to emphasise to all our members please be aware that certain individuals maybe casting aspersions that when the CCBA adopts the newer written OMJ standards that ticked & variegated examples may not be exhibited. This is such a long way from being factual, with the CCBA being progressive has once again adapted to change to encourage all breeders to strive to achieve an improving standard whereby all ticked & variegated examples will still be included in the CCBA schedule.

Charles Woolley

We now learn that the funeral of the late Charles Woolley who died aged 88 , will be held at Wrexham crematorium on Monday next January 16th at 10.30am.

We are sad to announce the death of long time member Charles Woolley.Further details will be given when all the facts are known,and a full obituary will be placed in both Cage and Aviary Birds magazine and Colour Breeder.


We are please to report back that with our new ring supplier we have received a fantastic service. Our ring steward recently placed our first order at the beginning of this month December, the rings were made, dispatched and delivered back to us in just over a week. They will now be dispatched to our members. After some of the delays we have had in previous years we hope this gives our members a renewed confidence in the service we provide.

The next order we place with the supplier will be on January 31st 2017.

Saturday October 29th 2016
Great News

For the last two or three years the number of birds entered for the ACS as exceeded 1000. A closer look at the number of birds actually
benched was much closer to 800.

When there are no entry fees, those that can only possibly get to the show have entered birds, and then found they could not do so.
Others entered birds that were showing potential only for these birds to either not live up to hopes or to have failed to complete the moult. In both instances it made it made no real difference to them whether they had birds to stage or not as there was no penalty.

I have also had reports from a number of breeders that their results had basically been in vain this year with vert small returns.
A number of regular exhibitors have left the fancy.

To guess what all of this combined with the fact that we have had to charge for entry this year, raised a number of predictions of what number of entries we could expect. I am on record as saying that i would not be too disappointed if we could attract 600 entries.

I confess, happily now stating that i underestimated the true members of this great association.

Paul Bright has just sent me text telling me that, with a few sales birds we have had 788 birds entered. Thank you all for your support and i look forward, with my fellow committee members to welcoming you all, exhibitors or not to another fantastic All Colour Show.

Geoff Walker

Friday September 16th 2016 20.40hrs

The Colour Breeders as been dispatched to all paid up Members, anyone that has not received one please contact the C.C.B.A Secretary.

Thursday, April 21, 2016 10:21:37 AM

The last date for ordering coded rings is the 30th April 2016

Monday, April 4, 2016 6:00:15 PM

The computer owned by the association has developed a fault and is currently with a technical repair team. Any member awaiting a response from Gary by email , or indeed those who may have placed orders via the web shop will understand why no response has been received. We hope to have the situation rectified in the very near future.

Monday, April 4, 2016 5:51:19 PM

East meets West – The CCBA’s 2 midlands zones are pleased to announce they are going to be working together staging a joint Young Stock Show. The show will be on Sunday October the 2nd at :


The Village Hall
High Street


The Midlands YSS will be in conjunction with the judges convention to offer everyone a unique event. The Midlands YSS also wants to offer its members something different to the norm that is currently on offer so we are going to be putting on 9 major awards:


Best Red Lipochrome + Rosette        and Reserve rosette

Best Yellow Lipochrome + Rosette     and Reserve rosette

Best White Lipochrome + Rosette      and Reserve rosette

Best Mosaic Lipochrome + Rosette     and Reserve rosette


Best Red Melanin + Rosette             and Reserve rosette

Best Yellow Melanin + Rosette         and Reserve rosette

Best White Melanin + Rosette           and Reserve rosette

Best Mosaic Melanin + Rosette         and Reserve rosette


Best Junior exhibit + Rosette


Full show details including judges and schedule will be available from August the 1st, last show seasons East & West Midlands members will receive a schedule in the post, anybody else that would like one then please contact Paul Bright 07802 489586 , .

Thursday, March 17, 2016 11:18:40 AM

A number of members may receive an addressed envelope minus the Colour Breeder magazine. This regrettable state of affairs is the responsibility of the printer whom we employ to carry out this job. They have accepted full responsibility and have offered their sincere apologies Please contact Gary Lewis and he will send you a copy by return should this have happened to you.

Sunday, March 6, 2016 4:33:34 PM

“Libby Harrison from Retford Poultry Partnership Ltd has confirmed that she will be attending the ACS 2016 again on the Sunday only. Libby will be there offering free advice and support on bird healthcare and will also be bringing a small range of products and other services like bird swab testing for our members. We have had lots of positive feedback from our members after Libby’s visit last year and we are pleased to welcome her back.”

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 10:30:42 AM

The CCBA committee are pleased to announce the confirmed attendance of Roberto Scurati at the

Mike Vokes Commemorative All Colour Show 2016. Roberto Scurati is a well-known Italian breeder & exhibitor

and we are delighted he has asked to attend our show this year as his first visit to the UK. Roberto will be attending

with his trade stand to offer our members a wide range of mutations & colours you would only normally see in large quantities when in Europe.


We at the CCBA understand that not all of our members are able to travel abroad and have the opportunity to buy

some of the mutations they may desire. The committee believe that by offering our members the opportunity to view

and have the choice to purchase if they so wish  that this will only enhance the coloured canary fancy in the UK.


Friday, February 19, 2016 1:58:55 PM

The Committee are pleased to announce that they have now booked the venue for the “Mike Vokes Commemorative” All Colour Show 2016.

The show will be held on November the 12th & 13th at,

North Warwickshire and Hinckley College
Nuneaton Campus
Hinckley Road
CV11 6BH
United Kingdom


The committee considered and visited 5 different venues, we believe this venue offered us the best facilities and value for money.  Birds can only be booked in on the Saturday morning although members who wish to travel to the venue on the Friday night can leave boxed birds in the hall between 17:30Hrs - 19:00Hrs , this may be of relevance when considering accommodation. 

In terms of accommodation there is The Chase hotel within walking distance on the boundary of the campus, there are also many more with Coventry and Leicester nearby.

Further information and full show details will be in the schedule posted out in the autumn Colour Breeder.

We hope this will now end some of the uncertainty around the All Colour Show and we can all look forward to a successful breeding & show season ahead.


Thursday 11th February 2016   18.45 hrs


The function of the CCBA committee is to try and offer the best range of products, services and general assistance to allow members to make the most of their hobby. No one member will probably avail themselves of everything, but they must be given choice. This committee is also well aware that we cannot ever please everyone.

More and more members have taken to visiting overseas shows to acquaint themselves with the beauty of the many variations of mutations both in lipochrome and melanin varieties. The 3 big shows that are most visited are the VvNK show, now held at Leuven, The Golden Ring Show at Roselare, and although numbers of visitors are still small much interest is being made in the biggest of them all, the show held at Reggio Emelia in Italy. This show attracts all the top breeders from Europe and regularly presents over 11000 coloured canaries.

The Avon Zone have changed their show date so as not to clash with the VvNK event, thus allowing interested parties to attend both shows. I have been told that Home Counties are considering changing their date so as to not clash with the Golden Ring. For the last few years the Reggio show moved from their regular date to week 47, but are reverting to week 46 this year. This of course then clashes with the date that has been used for the ACS in recent years and means that no one can support both events. An unwelcome off shoot is that as all the top judges in Europe visit the event, the chances of us attracting any to adjudicate at our show diminishes. Large numbers of exhibitors have expressed their delight when we have engaged overseas judges before, and occasionally we would want to continue the trend.

Because the weeks surrounding the ACS were filled by zone shows , there was not an easy way to make changes for people who wanted to attend both events.

Whilst at the World Show last month I was approached by Glemet and Hery who had agreed to judge our show this year and told that they had not realised that Reggio had moved dates. In consequence they would not be attending. Although an irritation this was not a major problem, in that I discussed our dilemma with the President of the Belgian judges, who told me if necessary he could find us replacements.

We had heard a week or so before that the Sussex Zone had followed Yorkshire in disbanding, which is bad news. It did however open up week 45 as a potential date for the ACS to move to.

Before any discussions took place within the committee on week changes we received a letter from the new business manager at the John Willmot school advising us that the verbal reservation made for this year’s show was being cancelled, but we could re apply but with the cost of the reservation increasing three fold.

The ACS has run at a heavy loss for the last few years, and whilst we are discussing what will happen this year .( no firm decisions will be taken before the July committee meeting) any measures we bring in will at best head us nearer to break even and the proposed increase in costs would send us backwards again. A suggestion made on social media was that the CCBA should  not be a profit making organisation. I agree, but neither can we continue to run at huge losses or the Association will cease to exist.

As a precaution the Publicity Officer warned zone secretaries that we might need to change both date and venue for this year’s ACS. This was repeated on the website, and social media. The object being to ask zones not to make any moves until we had agreed on best action. The decision was made to make the date change at the committee meeting held last weekend. This will allow those who want to visit both the ACS and Reggio to do so. Inevitably this will not be welcomed in some quarters. Our job however is to attend to the wishes of our members and whilst regrettable, should we cause problems elsewhere then I am afraid that will happen.  

There have, I am told been scurrilous suggestions on social media that the changes were being made to accommodate some committee members. I so wish this was true. Any doubts that I personally might have had about the date change would have instantly disappeared. Unlike those who do nothing other than try to make mischief, every one of the committee members contributes tremendously to the Association and give up a huge amount of time every week to try and make a difference for everyone. It is they who rarely get to see and enjoy the ACS because they are constantly working, and if anything can be done to allow them to enjoy the hobby further, then I certainly will do everything in my power to see that it happens. Now if that is not acceptable to some then no doubt we shall see a large number of nominations for the committee so that they can come into the fold and replace the current team.  

We are currently looking at a number of venues to hold the show. One has been visited, others will be next week, and if we quickly get other suggestions we will follow them up as well.

When we have something of importance to tell members then we will do so. The ridiculous second guessing , name calling and general rubbish being placed on social media, will neither make the process any quicker nor draw comments from the committee.

Any constructive suggestions are of course most welcome and can be sent to me or any other member of the committee.

Be assured the committee are committed to provide the best service possible and to serve up an excellent ACS, and we will continue with this aim.

                                   G. B. R. Walker

                                   President C.C.B.A


Monday, February 8, 2016 3:07:39 PM
As part of ongoing discussions with John Wilmott School the CCBA have had to review the ACS date and venue, taking into consideration all other events the CCBA committee have decided to move the ACS show weekend to week 45 which will be the 12th & 13th of November 2016.Further details will be released once the venue is confirmed.
As members will have noticed in the accounts published in the colour breeder the ACS has been running at a significant loss in recent years.
The CCBA committee have reviewed all aspects of the costs of the exhibition which will be fully explained in Colour Breeder and inconsequence the status of a free show can no longer be sustained.

Monday, February 8, 2016 2:07:36 PM
The CCBA has with immediate effect lowered the price of Carophyll RED to £ 17.50 per 100gr and £ 9.00 for 50 gr
Monday, January 25, 2016 8:14:37 AM
The CCBA committee are currently in discussions with John Wilmott School in regards to booking the ACS 2016,until all details including date & venue are confirmed by the committee we advise members not to book any accommodation.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016 9:42:11 PMEast Midlands Zone news, Mick & Sue Wilton and Dave Cramp are standing down from the East Midlands zone committee after over 20yrs. Everybody connected to the East Midlands zone would like to thank all of them for their hard work and dedication at keeping the zone going. The zone will continue under a new committee as we look to carry on the good work by Mick, Sue & Dave.
Wednesday, January 6, 2016 9:07:06 AM

Free Patronage & Judges expenses for CBS shows..!

CAGE BIRD SOCIETIES are to benefit from a new scheme, which aims to increase coloured canary entries at shows while giving trainee judges experience. The CCBA are offering free patronage and 50% of judges expenses to any CBS that books a CCBA trainee judge, the judge needs to live within a 60mile radius from the CBS show. The deal includes free 2 rosette patronage for up to a potential 50 birds and 4 rosette patronage for a potential 51-100 birds.

Our acting chairman Geoff Walker has said “ It’s the CCBA’s job to ensure that all of our judges are well-trained, monitored and constantly educated on Changes to standards, recognising and evaluating new mutations, etc.,”

“Most of this work can be done in house, but there is no substitute for the experience  of  placing  awards  atlive  events.  Unfortunately, some CBS secretaries look at the numbers of birds benched historically and use this to  base  their  judgement when inviting judges toofficiate. Too often, coloured  canaries  are  placed byjudges of other varieties. “By     providing     this scheme, the CCBA will gain from the experience offered to our trainees and we hope, certainly over a few years, that  the  CBS  events  will increase   their   entries   by attracting   exhibitors   who will  not  show  their  birds under a type canary judge.”

Interested CBS secretaries should contact show patronage secretary Dave Cramp 01509 558 873

Wednesday, January 6, 2016 9:11:27 AM

The CCBA I would like to inform you that Simon Meredith has agreed to join us in the role of Chair of the Judges Convention, once up to speed he will chair his first convention at the end of March. I am sure everyone will wish him well in his new very important position.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 7:17:25 PM
Congratulations are going to Rob Braddock passing his exam from Foundation to Intermediate Judge.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015 7:17:47 PM
Jean-Paul Glemet and Patrice Hery from France have accepted a request for them to judge at the 2016 ACS.

Golden Ring results 2015:

Ralph Tiah           Bronze                             Mosaic Red Agate Hen
Chris Hope          Silver                                Red Black Cobalt
Tony Hutchinson  Silver and Bronze            Mosaic Red Brown Pastel Cocks
Steve Lines          Gold                                 Mosaic Red Agate Opal both cock and hen classes
                           Gold                                 Mosaic Yellow Brown Opal
                           Silver                                Mosaic Yellow Isabel Satinette cock
                           Bronze                              Mosaic Yellow Agate Topaz Cock
Chris Driver          Gold                                  Intensive Yellow Lipochrome White Wings
                           Gold, Silver and Bronze   Non Intensive Yellow Lipochrome White Wings
George Dial          Gold                                  Non Intensive Yellow Isabel Satinette
Colin Patterson     Gold                                 Mosaic Yellow Black Cobalt Hen

Wednesday, November 11, 2015 8:38:35 AM

Congratulations also go to Joe Coakley with his 2 x Gold and 1 x Silver with his Intensive / non intensive Red Ivory Black Opals, Geoff Walker with his 1 x Gold for his Recesive White Agate, Steve Lines with his 1 x Bronze for his Mosaic Yellow Isabel Satinette. at the VVNK in Leuven, Belgium.
Monday, November 9, 2015 8:48:22 AMCongratulations go to Chris Driver who secured 1 x GOLD and 1 x Silver with his Yellow White wings at the VVNK in Leuven, Belgium.
Monday 2nd November 2015From CCBA General SecretaryRenewal of membership will only be taken on Saturday 14th November, it would be of great help if members renewing their membership could have the correct monies on the day.I will require your membership number when renewing membership
Sunday, October 4, 2015 8:30:13 PM

It is with regret that Mike Vokes will be stepping down from the role of CCBA treasurer on or before the AGM this year , and therefore we now have this very important vacancy on the committee . We are looking for a member who is willing to become an active member of the committee who has some book keeping knowledge.
Please could any applicants or possibly interested members please contact John Cole or Rob Braddock for further discussion 

 Thursday, August 27, 2015 3:21:46 PM
 In August Mr John Arthur , a member of the CCBA of Victoria Australia , visited the bird rooms  of Geoff Walker . During his visit John presented the CCBA with four diplomas which he has asked to be presented at our ACS , he has asked that they be presented for , Best Lipochrome exhibit , Best Black or Brown , Best Agate or Isabel , Best Melanin. The CCBA have reciprocated the patronage with them sending John back with four rosettes . "

The CCBA would also like to thank Geoff for taking his time with making the arrangements and hosting  John Arthur

Sunday, July 19, 2015 10:17:02 AM
If there are any members available to steward at the National Show at Stafford on Sunday 11th October please contactPaul Bright 07802 489586 .
It has been decided that in 2016 there will be a final cut off date for ordering Coded Rings of 30th April, members are encouraged to order sufficient stocks prior to this date. Normal sequential rings are unaffected and will be available throughout the season.
Monday, April 6, 2015 8:14:27 PM

" Due to health reasons Mr Neville Gaunt has requested to step down from the committee of the CCBA with immediate effect . Neville has been an active member of the CCBA for many years and it is with sadness that the committee have had to accept his request . Paul Bright will be acting chairman in the interim period until the new chairman is elected ."

Also it was decided by the committee that this years 43rd ACS , will be known as the "Charles Woolley  Commemorative Show"

Tuesday, March 24, 2015 9:21:10 PM

The following was omitted from the last edition of the colour breeder, Peter Finn will be Show Manager for the CCBA all colour show, assistedby Gary Lewis
Tuesday, February 24, 2015 11:03:31 AM

At the committee meeting of 21.02.2015 it has been agreed that the use of tubular drinkers will be an OPTION at the ACS for 2015 and 2016 . The actual type/supplier  of tubular drinker will be finalised at the July committee meeting .

Zone shows will continue with D drinkers , with the option of putting on tubes after judging is complete.

Friday, January 23, 2015 12:12:26 PM

 Breeding Register for up to 32 pairs now back in stock

Tuesday, January 20, 2015 11:11:07 AM





SECRETARY – PAUL BRIGHT     01746 769178     paulbright64@aol.com








Monday, November 3, 2014 12:42:49 PMJust arrived back from VVNK show in Leuven, We would like to congratulate Cris Driver with winning 2 Gold with Lipochrome yellow intensive white wing and lipochrome yellow ivory white wing
Wednesday, October 22, 2014 1:10:27 PM

At the CPSNE show held at Emines Belgium 4/5th Oct. The following had success:

Ian Rogers          Gold          Mosaic Red Agate Opal hen
                          Silver         Mosaic Yellow Isabel Satinette Hen
                          Gold          Mosaic Yellow Isabel Satinette Cock-This bird was also awarded a Special Award given by the French Judges Convention
                          Silver         Mosaic Yellow Isabel Satinette Cock
Steve Lines        Gold           Mosaic Red Agate Opal cock
                         Bronze        Mosaic Yellow Isabel Satinette hen
George Philpot   Gold           Red Ivory Brown Phaeo
                         Silver          White Brown Phaeo Hen
Chris Hope         Bronze          Non Intensive Red Isabel

Monday, September 22, 2014 11:50:46 AM
Due to circumstances beyond Yorkshire Zone control we have had to change the date of the Yorkshire Zone Show from 26th October 2014 to SUNDAY 9th NOVEMBER 2014. We hope that this does not inconvenience you and that you will still be able to enter your birds with us.
We are now able to confirm that the judge for this show will be ALAN MASON. Schedules will be sent out very shortly to previous exhibitors and those that request one by phone or e-mail.

Monday, August 11, 2014 3:15:39 PM

The NEW CCBA car sticker is now available for sale the Price is £ 1.50 this includes P & P (picture to follow soon)
Thursday, July 31, 2014 6:06:15 PM

Hi everyone, if you haven't yet done it, you need to apply for Zone patronage. I will be ordering rosettes shortly so need to have figures for rosettes needed. I just need judges name(s), date of show and total of rosettes required. You can message me on the forum or email me on djcramp444@yahoo.co.uk.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014 8:15:50 AM
The committee has decided that the price for Carophyll Red and  Ring prices will not be increased for 2015 breeding season despite slight increase by supplier
Wednesday, July 16, 2014 10:09:01 AM

We have soon available 2015 C.C.B.A Calender.Prices would be:Purchased at CCBA show £ 3.00 ( Stafford or Birmingham )Purchased in web shop    £ 6.00 (posted UK), £ 7.00 (posted Europe), £8.50 (rest of World)
Monday, May 5, 2014 9:44:34 PM
Committee meeting13th July 2014, Time 10.30 at the Reading Room, Turnpike Road, Husborne Crawley Bedfordshire
Wednesday, April 30, 2014 12:52:42 PM

Judges Convention28th September 2014, Time 10.30 at the Reading Room, Turnpike Road, Husborne Crawley Bedfordshireit would be greatly appreciated if all judges could attend

Friday, April 11, 2014 7:19:54 PM

SECURITY WARNING Exhibition Bird Warning

During the last 2 years there has been an ever developing series of small  bird species thefts where thieves are targeting the breeders of quality exhibition Canaries, Budgerigars and Finches in recent months and weeks the pattern continues with over 40 separate burglaries comprising of hundreds of birds valued at many thousands of pounds.


The perpetrators are targeting Counties and areas in turn, mainly in the midlands and the South. They are getting clean away as there is generally a lack of security or they are bypassing any alarms the come across. They are researching the premises and come equipped to transport the birds away. They are most selective and know the

best stock to steal. The most recent thefts have been in Milton Keynes, Southampton, Woking, Margate

and Tonbridge Well.

Please bring this on-going series of thefts to our members to be particularly vigilant at this time and report any

suspicious incidents to:

John Hayward, National Theft Register, Tel: 01869-325699, Email jh@ntr.supanet.com, Feb 2014